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Tony Ricca

Tom (herein Tony) Ricca is not only well known in the bakery industry, but also in the wrestling industry. A former WWE Superstar and Hall of Fame Professional Wrestler, he is also known as Tony Ricca and The Pharaoh. Tony is the founder of Cannoli World, LLC. and started making his Cannoli World Olde World Cannoli in the 1980's but has been making them since the 1970's. He enjoys meeting fans at events and signing autographs. He also topped all celebrity talent in personal video messages from 2018-2020 published by EMEA Tribune. He directed and headed the Guiness World Record for The Longest Line of Cakes topped with Blueberries donated from local farms in the town of Hammonton where his family's business Ricca's Italian Bakery was in Little Italy Hammonton. Staff and other volunteers from the community helped during the record breaking. This was the towns only Guiness World Record. Tony and the Ricca's received recognition from the Town of Hammonton. You can find more about Tony at the following website

Tony's son Thomas Ricca Jr. is currently the member of Cannoli World, LLC. He is an Entrepreneur, Baker, Professional Wrestler and Bodybuilder.

Tony's daughter Gabriella Ricca holds the 2014 world title as the Gymnastics World Champion at age 12. She was in several national and interational publications and received recognition from the Town of Hammonton for her accomplishment. She is also a professional wrestler.

Tony's wife Mary Jo is sometimes seen at festivals with the family. She was also at the wedding of Mike and Lauren Sorrentino from the Jersey Shore Family Vacation.

Tony says YOYOYO! Get the World's Best... Olde World Cannoli at the showroom in Hammonton, NJ 08037.



100 Fairview Ave

Hammonton, NJ 08037


Little Italy Hammonton

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