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Welcome to Cannoli World, LLC, Makers of the World's Best... Olde World Cannoli. 

Cannoli World, LLC is a nationwide brand of the Olde World Cannoli®. The original showroom is located at 100 Fairview Ave. in Hammonton, NJ in Little Italy Hammonton. Cannoli World, LLC is operated by Thomas Ricca Jr., Member with Tom "Tony" Ricca as the founder of the company. Tom, a baker, has roots in the bakery business working in his family Italian bakery since his early years from the 1970's. He's not just an experienced Sicilian Italian baker but a French, German, Jewish and experienced in many styles of other baking origins.  The family has been in the bakery business at the same Fairview Ave. location in Little Italy Hammonton since 1957 with generations of the family bakery business dating back to the 1800's in Sicily and other regions of Italy and in Europe.

Cannoli World, LLC operates through its franchise locations and original showroom in Little Italy Hammonton. Cannoli World, LLC created the first ever Cannoli Truck (Cannoli Food Truck), adding Cannoli Units that are Cannoli Carts and Cannoli Trailers to visit events in the Philadelphia region, South Jersey region and Nationwide. Over the years, Cannoli World, LLC has expanded to include nationwide shipping and franchise locations across the US. Cannoli World, LLC created the first Cannoli Food Truck and Cannoli Carts and Cannoli Units in South Jersey and worldwide.

Cannoli World, LLC offers a variety of cannoli made with fresh ingredients and no preservatives. Our shells and fillings are made to be filled at the time of order. Our attention to detail have earned us multiple awards including the top rated Olde World Cannoli®.

Cannoli World, LLC the company was know from years ago as Cannoli World (est. 1987) from founder Tom Ricca selling different cannoli varieties naming them Cannoli World through his father's family Italian bakery and delivery truck. Customers would ask him what sweets did he have on the delivery truck and Tom would let them know that he had his Cannoli World cannoli with different varieties to choose from. As customers and people caught on to the different kinds of cannoli, Tom kept expanding on the varieties and shell varieties. Tom then set out throughout the years of implementing a new model of creating the thousands of cannoli varieties and flavors of their cannoli for their customers. In 2003, Tom was the founder of a business that would deliver wholesale bakery items from a delivery truck that would have the Cannoli World cannoli available for the customers. Tom let the customers know that Cannoli World had an Olde World Cannoli with many varieties to choose from. Orders had increased. Then, Tom thought and strategized to plan on having cannoli units (Cannoli Trucks, Cannoli Carts, Cannoli Trailers, etc.) for festivals and other special occasions to only have the Cannoli World and Olde World Cannoli with different varieties as it would only have cannoli products. Tom said it was all about the timing of when to have the cannoli units available. In Tom's research, he noticed vending and festivals were expanding more each year and projected the best timing would be around 2016 to have the cannoli units available for festivals and other special outings that requested the Cannoli units. In January of 2014, Tom added the Cannoli World cannoli and Olde World Cannoli in his and his brother Michael's brick oven restaurant with bakery during the continued set-up to launch for vending at festivals all Cannoli World units in 2016. Cannoli World officially became Cannoli World, LLC in 2016 and launched the first Cannoli Food Truck not only in New Jersey but Nationwide with other Cannoli Units (carts, etc.) and franchising opportunities. In early 2017, Cannoli World, LLC added a showroom storefront at the same location that Tom's father had the family Italian bakery at. Tom Ricca, with Cannoli World LLC is proud to see other businesses follow the trending Cannoli World LLC blueprint of making different cannoli varieties and flavors. Cannoli World LLC is humbled to be the trend setter for other businesses that have cannoli varieties and flavors that they now make available. Cannoli World LLC is well known for it's registered trademark Olde World Cannoli® Traditional, Blueberry Capital of the World, Italian Rum Cake, Italian Coffee just to name some. Many cannoli lovers say, wherever they find a cannoli variety, they say "thank you Cannoli World!" (Cannoli World LLC) Cannoli World LLC gets many thanks from businesses and others and would like to thank all businesses, others and homemakers for following their lead in the cannoli industry.hThee O

Tom Ricca is not only well known in the bakery industry, but also in the wrestling industry. A former WWE Superstar and Hall of Fame Professional Wrestler, Tom is also known as Tony Ricca and The Pharaoh. Many know Tom as Tony (he is found on most social media platforms at handle @tonyriccawwe) and enjoys meeting fans at events and signing autographs. He also topped all celebrity talent in personal video messages from 2018-2020 published by EMEA Tribune.

Tom and his wife Mary Jo reside in Hammonton, NJ with their children Thomas Jr. and Gabriella Ricca. Gabriella holds the 2014 title as the Gymnastics World Champion at age 12 and also a professional wrestler. Thomas Jr. (Entrepreneur and member of the company) is her strength coach, professional wrestler and bodybuilder.

This family operation brings much love into running the business and making sure that World's Best... Olde World Cannoli® variety. Be sure to say hello to the Ricca's at any event, festival show that they're at and showroom storefront in Hammonton, NJ.


Cannoli World
Cannoli World
Cannoli World
N.J.'s first cannoli food truck


100 Fairview Ave

Hammonton, NJ 08037


Little Italy Hammonton

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